The scariest part of Halloween is not if you will run out of treats before the last wave of kids rings your doorbell but the amount of money you spend on costumes, parties, candies, and outings which might feel like a nightmare.

Halloween is one of the top holidays of the year, especially for children. However, it certainly isn’t budget-friendly because it’s a dress-up holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do Halloween. Of course, we will be going to celebrate it in the feistiest way under budget.

Whether you like Halloween Eve to be super creepy or just faintly spooky, there are tips to have fun without emptying the coffers.

Here are some of the great tips to keep you on a budget this season!

1.    Make A DIY Halloween Costume

What’s Halloween without a scary costume? Whether you want to go for a creepy touch of a clown or a funny one with a hot dog outfit, you have to spend a lot of money buying them. However, if you make the costume yourself, it will charge you significantly less than the ready-made one.

Once you have a clue in mind, take a visit to your local thrift store to see what material you can scrounge together. If you are out of ideas and don’t know where to start, you can browse some videos on YouTube – it will help you a lot.

2.    Rent Your Costumes Or Swap With Friends

If you are not in a frame of mind to DIY your Halloween costume or are short on time, then you can try renting one. Renting a costume leaves room in the budget—researching rental companies or stores that let you rent your favorite Halloween costume. Check the store policy regarding trying on outfits, inspect the condition of the costume and read the agreement thoroughly before signing it.

You can also swap costumes with your close friend or family member. So that you wear their last year’s Halloween costume and let them wear yours. This way, you can save your assets as well as your family and friends.

3.    Craft Your Own Halloween Décor

Along with a spooky costume, you also need some ghostly décor to get you in the festive mood. Even if you are not planning to throw a big party on Halloween eve, a little work outside the home doesn’t hurt, at least. However, similarly to costumes, anything you buy from the stores will be overpriced.

You can browse for some DIY Halloween decoration ideas on the internet. This will save your money and allow you to put a personal spin on whatever your craft, whether it’s a pumpkin or a spider net.

If you want to celebrate Halloween in a more organized way. In that case, you can use budget management software like My EasyFi to track all your Halloween decoration and costume expenses.

4.    Buy Candies On Wholesale

Buying candies wholesale can save your money because purchasing in bulk lessens the cost per item and ounce. This can be exclusively handy on a night like Halloween, where children knock on your door to fill their buckets with more trick-or-treats.

Factory-wrapped candy will last even if not all of it is handed out, and let’s be honest here; leftovers are pretty tasty even after Halloween.

In A Nutshell

Halloween is one of the great festivals to socialize with your family, friends, and neighborhood. The good news is that you might not need to pay any expensive charges to have some fun on All Hollow’s Eve.

With these tips, you will be celebrating Halloween in style without hurting your wallet. However, to track your money online or to build a budget, you can contact My EasyFi.

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