It’s surprisingly unbelievable, but Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Indeed, it’s a time for reflection, appreciating family, and wondering how you will possibly afford the wonderful holiday meal you are planning to eat with your family and friends.

It’s another year to think about how you can change the usual thanksgiving traditions, according to COVID19. Regardless of how you are spending on Thanksgiving 2021, any celebratory recipes or plans come with a cost.

To tackle such a situation, read on our tips on how to turn your Thanksgiving into a Thanksaving!

1.    Plan Ahead Of Time

If you are hosting Thanksgiving in the COVID19 situation, you might be looking at a smaller guest list. However, it’s still a good idea to get the best possible headcount before you start shopping for groceries and confetti.

Once you have your guest list estimation, you can buy the things without wasting money on useless items. You can use an online money tracker like My EasyFi to make a budget list for your ease. This finance management software will let you know when you are going out of your probable budget.

On an important note, you can find many deals and discounts on grocery items one week before Thanksgiving. You will come across deals for pie crust, whipped cream, syrups, brown sugar, etc. It will help you save a little more on pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, or all three of them with free ice cream!

2.    Buy Green In Season

A literal bounty overflowing with different vegetables is a good option; you can imagine them as part of your Thanksgiving centerpiece. But you are better off sticking to what’s in the season, though.

Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and butternut squash are more accessible in a season than the out-of-season sale; the same goes with Brussels sprouts and olive oil. You can buy all these necessary veggies and freeze them in your fridge to keep them fresh until Thanksgiving day.

3.    Don’t Go Overboard In Dishes

There are high chances of you going overboard on the food when it comes to the Thanksgiving menu. As everyone wants to offer their guests a fun and nice meal for years to remember on this special day. However, sometimes more is too much – making so many dishes won’t only cut into your budget, it may also minimize the pleasure of the later plates.

Serving your guests with too many appetizers or stuffing them with dinner rolls will leave them full at the time of Thanksgiving turkey and pie. Similarly, don’t try to impress your family and friends with a fully stocked bar and cocktails. If you are serving the hard stuff, don’t be afraid to go for cheaper options and get some bottles of juice/soda to mix with it.

Speaking of substitutions, meat can be expensive. Thus, unless your guests are all vegetarian, you may not be able to get away with skipping it entirely. However, you might be able to become more frugal if you have got some tasty Brussels sprouts or filling potato casserole as part of your Thanksgiving feast.

In A Nutshell

When it comes to Thanksgiving, do a little math that whether you need a whole turkey for the dinner or roasting turkey breast/thighs will work for your guests. Because, in the end, Thanksgiving is all about family and friends.

In case you are looking for budget management software to keep a record of your finance, then contact My EasyFi for simple money solutions. With these savvy tips, we hope you will turn your Turkey Day into a Turkey Yay!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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