Discover The Best Monthly Budget Builder For Successful Budgeting

Budgets are the best, but they can still send chills down your spine. You don’t have to worry when you’ve got My EasyFi’s budget controller. Let’s smoothen the seams in your monthly financial plans and hit the sweet budget spot.

What Does My EasyFi Budget Builder Do For You?

My EasyFi budget builder is the budget planner feature that brings effective planning to your money. This feature enables you to take control of your overall monthly spending, where only you’re in charge of where your money comes and goes.

This budget builder is unique. Why? It helps you get closer to your budget goals, keeping your saving ambitions and debt payment plans in one place. Track your spending based on the categories of your expenses than striking a blow on your account balance. Allocate all of your expenses – from transportation to utilities – and make your budget a breeze.

With My EasyFi budget builder feature, explore the in-depth details of your budget that no one ever told you. Fine-tune your financial planning most effectively with the budget portal.

Budget Builder app

Great Organization

Create your budget, pay bills, and track your spending in the most organized manner.

Robust Budget Planning

Plan your monthly budget smartly with no way to lose money again.

Fast Online Expense Tracking

Track your budget and spending simultaneously across all devices.

Streamlined Budget, Stronger Goals

Strengthen your financial goals with our strategies and your budget aligned.

How To Use Our Budget Builder?

Using our virtual budget builder is a no brainer. We created this budget manager based on five budgeting fundamentals known as Communication, Coordination, Planning, Control, and Evaluation.

As you browse through the budget builder category, these fine principles will follow in each step, hence simplifying your desire to create the best budget every month.

1. Access The Dashboard

Communicate all the budget goals and scope and get an in-depth look at your finances over the six months of your activity. Find your average income, average total spending, average debt payments, average savings, ideal budget, actual budget, and debt-income ratio here.


2. Look At Your Six-Month Expenses

Need to see where your money went? Track every penny you added in the goal-setting section. Keep these stats in your budget loop and plan with the budget manager. It’s your financial watchdog – simple and intuitive.

3. Set Goals

Goal setting has never been easier and faster! Boil down your budget goals into Critical Needs, Personal Priorities, and Financial Fitness. Categorize and allocate your expenses as per your preference, keeping in view your spending, extra expenditures, and savings – all in this budget manager app feature.

4. Manage Current Month Expenses

This is where you list your current budget goals. Gather your expenses and list them. Get a status highlight when your spending exceeds the target. Our Budget Builder app locks your budget goals to keep you right on track.

5. Analyze The Daily Spending System

Worried how you’d manage your daily expenses? We give you a variety of systems to plan your day-to-day spending.

Worried how you’d manage your daily expenses? Get a variety of solutions to plan your day-to-day spending with our budget manager.

  • CASH ENVELOPE – stay on the no-overspending track with a substantial amount at your disposal.
  • MONTHLY PAID CARD – use the card for more accessibility, and spend with an online tracking system.
  • CHECKING AND SAVINGS ACCOUNTS – transfer funds between accounts hassle-free, handle money easily, and spend cautiously with our online monitoring.