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Learn the story behind My EasyFi

Who We Are

We founded My EasyFi to fulfill our longstanding passion for helping others with money management. Both sides of this husband and wife team grew up in families living below the poverty line, struggling to make ends meet each month. We watched our mothers work overtime and still have to choose which bills to pay late. Determined to do something different, we became the first college graduates in our families and learned financial literacy along the way.

Who We Are my easyfi

We know what it is like not to have money. We know what it is like to have plenty of income and be overburdened with debt. We know what it is like to have banks and financial institutions charge small hidden fees that end up costing hundreds of dollars a month. Most of all, we know what it is like to be free of all those things, and we want to help you do the same!

– Chuck Turner, CEO

We broke the cycle and began paving a new path for our children…

We Are Now Determined To Give Back And Help You Achieve Financial Freedom Too!

What Are We Doing

Our goal is to provide a unique combination of financial services all in one spot! We want to give you the tools and information, the ability to track your finances in real time, and a way to earn extra money! Each aspect of our program comes with easy-to-understand directions, and the budget set-up is broken up into short steps. As long as you follow the instructions, you will see progress in your finances!

Financial Freedom

There Are Two Primary Components Of Our Financial Services


We offer comprehensive financial management tools. Using these, we provide a straightforward four-step plan to financial freedom. Through this plan, you will:

Build Your Budget

Track Your Spending

Eliminate Your Debt

Save For Your Future


Next comes our affiliate marketing program. Through becoming an affiliate, you get the chance to earn fast and secure online income. Better yet, for each successful referral, you get paid every month for up to a year!

This means you only need to recruit two members to access all of My EasyFi’s membership benefits for free. Any additional member equals cash straight in your account! We provide the marketing materials and instructions; you just have to post links and make money.

Yes, that’s right. We help you earn money to close budget gaps, pay down debt quickly, or to expedite your savings goals. No matter how your finances look today, we can help you achieve financial freedom by following the My EasyFi plan!

Interested In….

  • Excellent Income Potential?
  • Low Risk?
  • Freedom And Flexibility?
  • Limited Responsibility?

Then Joining Our Affiliate Program Is For You!

How Come We’re Different?

There are hundreds of budget sites and apps out there.

Why is My EasyFi different?

We’ve been there; we understand. Sifting through a mountain of debt can be overwhelming. Budgeting and financial planning is mostly overlooked in school curriculums. So, when are you supposed to learn this stuff? And how do you go about learning it?

Money certainly isn’t everything, and it alone can’t buy happiness. But, not understanding how money works will impact many aspects of your life. During our debt-free journey, looking through multiple websites and guides was time-consuming and overwhelming to figure out where we stood.

That’s why we combined our favorite aspects of several different financial services into one complete package. On top of that, we provide the opportunity to make extra money online whenever and wherever you want!

understand Budgeting and financial planning

We Are Committed To Your Success

Here are a few of our favorite My EasyFi services

Complete automated budgeting plan

Easily track your spending in real-time

No-risk trial membership

myeasyfi app

Step-By-Step Instructions

bank funds

Piggy banks for sinking funds

Dollar Sign in circle

Lucrative affiliate marketing program

Get It All On One Platform Called My EasyFi!