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Earn online fortune with My EasyFi Affiliate Marketing Program! Join us and start referring to make some side cash.

My EasyFi

Affiliate Marketing Program

Through working with the My EasyFi Affiliate Marketing Program, you will be increasing awareness about a new personal finance service designed to help people optimize their budget, gain financial literacy, achieve financial freedom, and live the future of their dreams!

  • High payout:

    You get 50% of the membership cost as your commission for each paying member you bring.

  • Free Training:

    Step-by-step instructions for a clear path to success.

  • No Cost:

    Access to all marketing materials is free to anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing program with high payout

Two My EasyFi Affiliate Options

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Option 1:

My EasyFi Member Affiliates

By choosing this option, you get full access to all My EasyFi financial services and our Affiliate Marketing Program. Recruiting only 2 My EasyFi members will cover the cost of your membership. Any members you recruit beyond that is money straight into your account! Our members earn a monthly commission for up to 1 year for each successful referral. That’s up to $600 per paying member you recruit! Post premade ads on social media in seconds and start getting paid!

Option 2:

Affiliate Marketers For My EasyFi

Not interested in a financial service membership? No problem! You can still earn extra money by becoming an affiliate marketer for our program. You’ll get access to all the affiliate marketing materials and step-by-step instructions to ensure your success! Our non-member affiliate marketers receive a one-time payout of $50 per successful referral. This is a great “side hustle” to earn extra money, pay down debt, or expedite your savings!

affiliate Marketers For My EasyFi
anyone can join myeasyfi partner program

Who can participate in the My EasyFi Affiliate Marketing Program?

The short answer is:
Anyone 18 and older with an internet connection can join. We do not want you to waste your time learning when you want to be earning! To make that happen, we designed a marketing process that you can learn in minutes and execute even faster. Just follow the directions, post premade ads and links, and make money! There’s no need to be tech-savvy or have a marketing degree. You only need our instructions and a little motivation. That’s it!

Benefits That My EasyFi Affiliate Marketers Enjoy

  • Earn easy money with a massive income potential

    By using the verified affiliate marketing strategies provided by My EasyFi, the income potential is enormous! You post links online, sit back, and earn big profits! Our affiliates make a commission of 50% per paying member for up to 1 year! So, if you become a member affiliate and recruit ten paying members per month for one year, you could earn $39,000*! Increase that to recruiting 25 paying members per month for one year, and you could earn $97,500*!
    *assumes each member retains 1-year membership
    earn with myeasyfi
  • risk free myeasyfi partner program


    Are you looking for a new opportunity to earn extra income? Want to work for yourself but don’t have the capital? Sick of your desk job and ready to try something new?
    The My EasyFi Affiliate Marketing Program provides an opportunity to work at your own pace, RISK-FREE!

    This opportunity is fast and easy to learn, does not require any cash, and all materials are provided to you! Plus, you get to try out the process before you make any commitment.

    What if you try it and find out that it’s not for you? No problem. Member affiliates can cancel at any time during the 30-day trial and not pay a penny! Non-member affiliates are never charged for anything and do not even have to enter credit card information! You’ve got nothing to lose if you decide affiliate marketing isn’t for you. Click below to give it a try!

  • Set your schedule – work anytime!

    This affiliate marketing opportunity offers you optimal freedom and flexibility. You choose your hours. Got more time some weeks than others? No worries. You choose how much you work! You decide how making extra money fits into your life. Have a long commute on public transit and have internet access? Make money then. Have some awkward downtime between classes? Pull out your phone and make some cash. Can you spare a little time after the kids go to bed? Enjoy the quiet and earn from home! Just post the links and let My EasyFi worry about the rest.
    set your own work schedule
  • work in less time

    No Hassle

    Need money but have little time to invest in building something from scratch? Let My EasyFi take care of the content, customer service, marketing materials, and follow-up. There’s no special merchant accounts, no payment processing, no inventory, and no shipping to worry about. You just spend time posting links on your favorite social media/online venues and make profit. You can make money while you sleep – now that’s an easy income!
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection

    Always on the go? Love to travel? You can still have a considerable income potential via the My EasyFi Affiliate Marketing Program. This offers you the ultimate work-from-anywhere with an internet connection! Make money on the beach, at your favorite weekend getaway, or while traveling the world! Or if you have kids, make some quick cash while waiting at sports tournaments!
    work anytime anywhere

The My EasyFi Pledge

We are:


  • A new financial services program for personal wealth management that offers a way for people to close their budget gaps via our Affiliate Marketing Program.
  • On your side. Our goal is to help you eliminate debt and achieve financial freedom. The Affiliate Marketing Program is the income-generating component of our process.
  • An easy online income opportunity for anyone with an internet connection! You do not have to become a member of our financial services program to earn money marketing for My EasyFi.

We are NOT:


  • A scam. You can try our membership risk-free for 30 days. Non-member affiliates never have to enter their credit card information, so they will never be charged.
  • Going to try to sell you features continually. If you become a member, there is nothing more to buy. There are no extra add-on items, special features, or upsells to worry about.
  • Asking for any investment. It is free to try and takes just minutes to learn!

We do:

  • Provide you with step-by-step instructions for free.
  • Provide free marketing materials.
  • Make earning money online as fast and as simple as possible.


  • Have access to your financial data.
  • Sell you something you do not want.
  • Surprise you with unexpected or hidden fees.
If you are looking for a
for high potential online income, you have found it. When you are ready to change your financial future, click the link below to get started.
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