The sound of jingle bells is just around the corner. Santa is on his way to stop by and the cheering voices of kids are ringing in the air. The season is going to be chilly again with some fresh snow on the ground.

Yet, you are busy maintaining your budget list to calculate all the expenses you have spent to buy Christmas trees, Santa hats, candy canes, sparkly ornaments, customized stockings, and gifts.

Approximately $730.2 billion was spent on Christmas last year by America alone. To enjoy this jolly season, people usually over-spent their money and exceeded their Christmas budget.

However, My EasyFi keeps track of your daily budget. It is more like a personal finance assistant that offers you a complete guide with other features.

All you have to do is creating an account, link your financial statements with My EasyFi account, and all done. This smart app will set your goals and manage your money.

List Down your Monthly Income

You can keep a track of your monthly income easily via the My EasyFi app. It will show you your monthly payment with expenses and spending target. You can highlight your current month expenditure there with color-coded categories and write ‘Christmas’ in the goals section.

You can also mark your savings and expenses separately using My EasyFi. The best thing about this app is, it helps you to achieve your goals with a countdown.

You can assign a substantial amount of budget under the heading of Christmas, i.e., the sum of your income, you want to spend on purchasing Christmas gifts, trees, and other ornaments. My EasyFi will help you chase that target without letting you overspend your money.

Selection of Tools

My EasyFi app has a large toolbox to facilitate its customers. You can easily link your bank account, auto payments, transactions, and additional income in it.

While adding ‘income,’ you will come through several options such as Source and Type. You can mark Type as primary or secondary as per the nature of your job.

The feature of auto payments makes it easy for you to allocate expenses. The system will keep the record for every month.

In auto-payments, you can categorize the expenses such as Christmas expense, new year expense, Halloween celebration expense, etc.

Build a Budget

This feature in My EasyFi allows you to adjust your budget according to the things you need to buy for Christmas.

You can build a flexible budget that covers all your expenditure and secure your financial position.

It also shows your budget through visuals for better understanding and keeps check on your urgent needs.

Keep your Money in Track

My EasyFi keeps a strict check on your money. Its smart insight keeps track of your finance and allows you to use money according to your budget requirements; hence, there are no chances of your overspending on Christmas decoration this year

In a nutshell, My EasyFi is not only feasible to track the Christmas budget but every festival/holiday. So, start budgeting with My EasyFi to make your holidays seamless and carefree!

Happy holidays!

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