Bibbidy bobbidy Boo! Get your scare on with My EasyFi’s bone-chilling ideas for Halloween celebration in 2020. Scroll down to find the terror awaiting you!

Ah, Halloween… the tradition to deceive ghosts by disguising as them and ringing every doorbell with a proposition to trick or treat the residents. Handing out candies and sweet treats has always been fun, but this year will be a little different. There’s going to be masks, hand sanitizers, and hazmat suits everywhere. Halloween celebration in 2020 will be coupled with COVID-19 and everything that comes with it. But let’s not kill the fun for safety’s sake.

You can remain socially distant and still enjoy the ghoulish festivity as you did before. The best thing is, you’ve got plenty of room to brainstorm new ideas. Don’t worry; we are here to save you the hassle. Below is a list of Halloween ideas to help you make the most out of your quarantined holiday. All you’ve got to do is just use these ideas and get the occult fun started!

1.      Ghost At Someone’s Door


You must have heard people ghosting each other or maybe ghostwriting, but ghosting at Halloween is something of a unique thing. In case you don’t know, ghosting (in the Halloween sense) is when you leave your treat bag outside the door or your neighbors and friends and leave a note inside it to place the candies in it. You can hide and watch from a distance and collect your bag when it’s filled with goodies.

The best thing about this activity is getting your candies and following the social distancing guidelines quite well. It’s also good to spread social distancing awareness as a part of the Halloween celebration in 2020.

2.      Play Halloween Games


You may have played outdoor games during previous Halloweens, but give something else a try this time. You would have a whole day to celebrate this festive occasion, so why not play some paranormal games inside your haunted house.

You can try board games, video games, and other fun gaming activities like hide and seek, etc. to spark the fun. If you’re in for more fun with everyone in the family, play an online game with everyone at their homes, safe and sound.


3.      Host A Virtual Halloween Watch Party


Oh, this is fun! If you had planned to watch a film with your friends this Halloween, COVID has got nothing on you when you can still watch without having to go anywhere and even poke fun with your friends in an online watch party.

Choose a film or a story and invite your friends and family to it. Your friends will love the idea of telling their stories, and the fun will boost as there will be both horror and crackles. To make it more thrilling, you can use a jump scare when it’s your turn, so your viewers are spooked out!


4.      Create Some Eerie Snacks


It’s all right if you aren’t allowed to go to haunted houses or trick-or-treat with your ghost buddies, you can still use that time to create those mummy fingers or that zombie pie. There are a ton of videos on the internet with most cooking channels making quick and easy snacks for the holiday. For Halloween celebration in 2020, they might have something new in store.

What’s more, you can create snacks and display the photos on your Instagram. Anyone watching them will drool and howl like a werewolf seeing the full moon!


5.      Make Some Devilish Sweets


Sure, savories should comply with sweets, which you can make at home too. Concoct witchy portions and treat yourself and your family with delicacies. From black cat cupcakes to pumpkin spice ice-cream sandwiches, you can celebrate this holiday with a sweet tooth!


6.      Take Out Some Tarot Cards


Oh, Madame Blavatsky’s house of mystic readings might be closed this time of the year due to the pandemic, but guess what? You don’t probably need a crystal ball to read your future. Invite your friends along with a professional tarot card reader to do the reading for you guys.

We’re sure this will be a unique experience for you and your friends, even if you’re zoned in your house this time.

7.      Play Some Festive Tunes


Sure, nothing pumps up a party more than some jamming music fit for the season. Regardless of the size of your party, your festive tunes can bring out the spook and enchantment. If you have a Spotify account, you will easily find a curated list of Halloween party jams.

You can choose EDM or hip-hop or dance music as per your party’s theme, or just put your records on and dance by yourself. Halloween can never get this better!


8.      DIY Your Halloween Costume


Ok, so you wanted to buy a costume and show off to your friends, but hear us out. Go ahead and make a costume yourself. It doesn’t have to be entirely fancy, but there are so many ideas for matching your looks with fun Halloween makeup, and it doesn’t cost you much.

Everything you do to make your costume will astound everyone around you. Or you might even get starstruck with what you can create!


9.      Watch A Halloween Movie


This classic activity never gets old and refreshes every time you’re up for some relaxing family time. Turn on the TV, bring a huge blanket, and hop inside. Ask someone to grab the popcorn and turn off the lights. Nothing feels more comforting that have some good old-fashioned family fun on an eerie Halloween night.


10. Join A Trick-Or-Treat Parade


Do you hear that sound outside? Is that your local Halloween parade? If that’s right, why haven’t you joined yet? The COVID restrictions might be a bit rigid, but you can always take your bike. Make sure you know about the parade beforehand, so you don’t miss out on the fun.

11. Carve Some Pumpkins


Jack-o-lanterns are the Halloween favorite, and there’s no denying that. Fill in some empty time carving pumpkins. If you don’t have an idea, check out for inspiration online and grab a suitable knife. You can even involve your family and kids to maximize the fun of carving boo-tiful to scary-licious pumpkins. Once done, place them indoors or outdoors; they will make some incredible decorations!

12. Decorate Your House


Speaking of decorations, you can make crafts in your house. Just like carving pumpkins, you can make other crafts and plan them accordingly as a treat for your family, friends, and the trick-or-treaters visiting your house. You can make spooky candles, batwings, clay eyes of newt, and anything you think is going to make your home a real haunting mansion!


13. Paint Faces


Even if you’re wearing costumes, makeup is essential. It’s going to bring out the persona you’re trying to incorporate. Most of all, kids will love it. Go ahead, grab some hypoallergenic paints, and ask your kids to sit still.

Since COVID guidelines are still active, you can paint your facemask instead. You can paint it as a match to your costume.


14. Explore The Neighborhood


Want to know what the whole neighborhood is up to? Stroll down the streets and see what your neighbors are doing for their Halloween celebration in 2020. You can even gather inspiration from their ideas and create something unique. You can even help them out with their decorations and ask them for their help to decorate your yard as well.


15. Film Your Day


You might get busy all day and never even get a chance to see how you did. The best tip: film what you’ve been doing or what’s happening around. If you’ve planned something special, now is the best time to film it and enjoy the video later with your family or friends.

Making memories of an event like this will help you relive the fun and allow you to see how you had fun even in the stressful pandemic period.


16. Deliver Tasty Treats Around You


We gave you an idea to make sweet and savory treats, but what if you made them too much? No problem, sell them around the neighborhood and take orders online in your locality. Use the power of social media to spread the word about the magical cupcakes you make and see everyone approaching your treats like the undead!


17. Host A Halloween Contest


Competitions are the life of any event. Whether you’re organizing a caramel apple contest or the pie-eating one, there are plenty of ideas you can try, keeping everyone’s safety intact. Apart from traditional ideas, you can also host an online contest and encourage your peers to join. It will be great for anyone who wants fun within the premises of their house.


18. Make A Pumpkin Piñata


Keeping your six-feet distance, hit the pumpkin and see the candies falling out of it. All this would happen if you’re bored with the usual jack-o-lanterns and want to try something new. Take the Mexican inspiration and integrate it into your Halloween project. Have fun picking candies.

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