Out of the entire American population, only 32% keep a budget. 30% have long-term financial plans, including savings goals and investments. Plus, if your annual salary is less than $75,000, you’re likely to create a household budget. That is what the latest findings from Debt.com reveal.

But then, the same data also highlights the curse of debt, of which Americans owe $764 billion in credit card loans and over 1 trillion dollars in student loans. What’s even going on?


Americans And Finances: A Game Of Sweat And Struggle


Indebtedness is a persistent financial issue. With fewer people budgeting to more people caught up in the debt cobweb, about half (49%) of the Americans are concerned about their financial well-being. Due to income bottlenecking, the steeping cost of living is creating tensions for people searching for financial stability.

From the janitor to the professor, everyone’s caught in debt. Whether it’s the mortgage, education loan or the credit card, the weight of debt puts your financial security in jeopardy. You start losing control and power over the money you earn and lag when it comes to repaying the debt or making bill payments.

However, standing under the noose of debt doesn’t mean you can’t escape it. Some people walked out free from crushing debts and bills. Some people worked their way through to cut luxuries out of their lives to become minimalist. Most of them went for zero-waste strategies to reduce their expenses. All these scenarios point toward one direction: excellent understanding and management of personal finances.


When Finances Become Personal – Introducing Our Ebook


The health of your overall financial well-being depends on how you’re managing your finances. Once you’re caught in the whirlwind of debt and other insecurities, the balance swings out of control. But there’s nothing to worry about. You only need proper guidance about how to start reversing the process of losing money.

We can tell you all about it. After researching and processing the foolproof methods of financial stability, My EasyFi rolled out an ebook containing secrets for better finances. Personal Finance 101 is a short yet comprehensive text which includes a basic understanding of finances for anyone wanting to keep their finances on track.

In each of the sections, the book walks you through several objectives you must understand to plan your finances appropriately. It compiles a set of proven strategies in the form of a step-by-step logical method in a simple manner. We don’t jot down random ways of making money; we provide you with a real robust approach, after which money management and financial security will never be a problem.

You won’t be bothered with economic jargon or verbose text. This guide is for anyone who wants to learn how finances work and how they can fit their money into the best framework. So let’s take a peek into the book’s chapters.


Chapter 1: Why Should You Care About Personal Finances


The thing more important than being rich is being financially stable. Here, we talk about why being a financial literate helps you in making better choices. Lack of this kind of education deteriorates the overall quality of your life. With this overview, we move on to the next step.


Chapter 2: Basics Of Personal Finances


As discussed before, most Americans have no clue about their finances. The reason is probably the lack of knowledge about financial basics. We realize that personal finances can be a lot tricky at times, but having a clear mind about the fundamentals makes the whole money management process quite simple and untangled. This section will list the primary pillars on which personal finance depends.


Chapter 3: Devising A Logical Plan For Finances


So, you learned about the primary personal finance categories. What after that? You need a plan that helps you make relevant, intelligent decisions about regulating the money flow. The reason we love this plan here is that it’s highly customizable and flexible. Anyone can use the same steps as per their financial status and develop goals.

If one plan doesn’t work, you can always develop alternatives, and we show you how. As we go, you will find that you can still make through tricky financial situations and improve on that.


Chapter 4: Tips To Get You Started


The tips in this section don’t tell you how to make money. Instead, they help you cement the best finance management practices that you’ll be developing via the plan from chapter 3. Following the steps, these simple tricks help you manage and save faster to strengthen your personal finance condition. As you go through, you will also find finance tools to kick-start your journey to financial stability. You will also find My EasyFi Affiliate Program, where you can earn money without selling anything. Just promote My EasyFi using your affiliate code and the money will make its way into your wallet whenever someone signs up.


Taking Care Of Your Finances 360°


Your finances get better when My EasyFi gets involved. We help fix your financial problems in the easiest way possible. Whether you’re a student or a parent struggling to keep up with your finances, we aim to deliver relevant concepts for the foreseeable future. With My EasyFi, you learn the fundamentals that remain evergreen, while your finances take the serious route to success.

Despite being a modern financial app, My EasyFi brings you the latest information about keeping your planning in-line with your finances. Worried that you’ll be presented with risks and uncertainties? My EasyFi will help you recognize the opportunities that come your way.

Download the ebook now and handle your personal finances with professionalism.

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