Suppose you’re balancing several asymmetrical rocks one over another. Balancing them doesn’t come easy if you’re just a beginner. You need perfect patience, skill, and technique to master the art of balance. The same goes for your finances when you’re juggling a budget, expenses, savings, and debts, where the best budget app can help you out easily.

Managing finances isn’t everyone’s strength. It can be tough and hard at the start, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. But once you figure out what works for you, you can start building a strong financial foundation. Managing your finances with expert assistance can help you set saving goals, fix your spending habits, and pay off debt, among other milestones.

What Is My EasyFi?

Considering the demand and need for a personal finance assistant, My EasyFi is the best budget app that gives you a complete overview with added passive income features. Simply create an account, link your My EasyFi account with your financial accounts, and our intelligent app will give you the most sophisticated plan for setting goals and managing your money. Once you know your financial position, you can choose to increase your income using our affiliate program.

We can show you precisely what you make and where and how much you’re spending it. We can notify you before your bills are due so you can avoid penalties and late fees. My EasyFi gives you a multitude of features to get you started quickly with a step-by-step process to fix your finances like a pro. Using our app, you get to set monthly goals, track your progress, and quickly adjust your budget as needed.

To help you get started with My EasyFi, here’s an overview of the best budget app’s features:

1. The Dashboard

The dashboard is where all your data from past, present, and future with this app is brought together. On the top, you will see your monthly income, spending, expenses, and target spending. You also view the highlights of your current month spending and your goals with color-coded spending categories to separate the things you need, the things you want, and your savings for the future.

You can also view how much of your budget is spent and how much do you owe in debt along with total savings check. The best bit about this best budget app is that the app also helps you track your goals with a countdown to the date all your debts clear.

2. My Toolbox

No, we don’t have spades, nuts, and bolts in the toolbox. Here, you can link your bank account, assign transactions, add additional income and expenses (including auto payments) and much more.

  • Selecting Your Bank

As soon as you click through the Toolbox, you get several choices to choose your bank, or if it’s not listed, you can enter it manually.

  • Assign Categories For Transaction
Here, you can add as many expenses and assign categories for every transaction you make.

  • Add Income


The Toolbox also features an income section where you can add your income and designate its source and type. For instance, if Bob’s earning $4000 a month from his job, he will add its source as salary and set its type to primary. If he’s earning interest as well, he can add another income slot, choose its source as interest payment, and set the type to secondary. Using the same method, My EasyFi is going to be the best budget app you’ll know!

  • Auto Paychecks

The auto paychecks make it convenient for you to add your income source and allocate expenses, without making any transaction from your bank account. Once you enter the details, the system will keep a record every month.

  • Auto Payments

Sure, you have expenses to deal with every month. Auto payments in the toolbox make it possible for you to enter the name and amount of the expense, categorize them, and submit in the system. Like the auto paychecks, these will be updated in the system automatically without creating any real-world transaction.

3.Budget Builder

Though it seems hard to create a workable budget where you can save, My EasyFi helps you create a budget that keeps you in line with your daily requirements. The best budget app enables you to pinch closer to your saving goals in the smartest way possible while allowing you complete control of how you allocate your spending.

This feature allows you to adjust your budget if needed each month. The app uses six months of data to determine your average monthly income, spending, debt payment, and savings. It then uses the data to assist you in building a realistic budget you can stick to, so that the app will help you eliminate your debt and secure your financial future.

These calculations show you exactly how much money in your budget is remaining before reaching your spending goals and how you can make it go further. Every time you create or adjust a budget plan, this best budget app brings you real-time budget period goals aligned with a complete analysis of your 6-month data. Nifty, isn’t it?

With this unique budget planning feature, you can see the difference in your spending/saving habits and streamline your finances to a more balanced state.

4. Money Tracker

To keep a strict check on where your money comes and goes, My EasyFi keeps a track record of your finances and provides smart insights that allow you to designate how you plan to use your money as per your budget requirements. The app will enable you to link your card/bank account and automatically syncs to them as soon as you open the best budget app, so all information is based on real-time data.

We use algorithms to determine your previous six months of spending and a visual chart to show where you have been spending your money. All the data is categorized into three main categories as designated in your budget plan, i.e., Critical Needs (50%), Personal Priorities & Discretionary Spending (30%), and Financial Fitness (20%). We think it’s the best way to track your money, so you know where your money went.

We know how overspending can spoil your budget, but a little pizza and sale shopping can get a bit heavy on your saving plans. The app features a spending speed bump that notifies you when you are spending more than you planned. When this happens, we make it easy to adjust your budget and quickly get back on track. If you are spending more than you expected or if you have a gap in your budget, we have an easy solution in the form of our best budget app!

5. Debt Eliminator

Debt is often the hot potato in the finance industry. The easy way to pay it off? First, stop spending! Our app shows you where you are wasting your money so you can adjust and stop adding to your debt. Once your spending is under control, we help you accelerate your debt payoff using the strategy of your choice. We show you how much debt you have, how long it will take to pay off, and how much interest you are paying!

Giving you full visibility of all your debt helps you create a real-life strategy for paying them off while maintaining your expenditures and savings. Here, we let you take the lead with two types of debt repayment methods: snowball and avalanche.

Selecting the snowball method has you paying the debt with the lowest balance first. The avalanche method starts with paying off the balance with the highest interest rate first. You can designate the amount, sync your bank, and pay the debt without any hassle.

You have the flexibility to choose the method that suits your financial planning the best. If you want to accelerate your debt, you can use our simple affiliate marketing plan to increase your income and eliminate all your debt faster than you ever thought possible!

6.Future Planner

This feature enables you to gather your income stats in one place and devise the plan for your future. How? With the best budget app, get a detailed overview of your spending habits, debt payment, and other money management matters to create future goals.

You can create as many goals as you like, and the app will provide you with a near-perfect, real-time estimate of how you can achieve the target in the desired period. It will also offer you a complete plan to help you save, eliminate debt, and strengthen your retirement plans.

7.Affiliate Program

Do you have a gap in your budget? Do you want to accelerate paying off your debt? Do you need to catch up on retirement savings? Do you want more money to do the things you enjoy? Consider using our simple affiliate program to do all these things! You do not need to be a premium member to enjoy the benefits of our affiliate program. The plan is free to anyone who wants to make more money the easy way!

There are two options for our affiliate plan: basic and premium. Basic membership is free, and you get a one-time payout for anyone who joins us through clicking on your social media posts. Premium members are given the same payout, but they receive the payout every month for a full year! We provide both premium and basic members everything they need to be successful without needing to spend hours learning how to do anything. We have made it as easy as possible for you to make as much money as you need to change your financial situation.

8.Other Resources

To help you get everything in check and balance, we give you all the other essentials in just one app. Under the resources feature, you will find several different options.

Need to sum up your expenses? Use the best budget app’s in-built calculator. Want to check how much balance remains in your account?

Check the reports and analysis by clicking My Reports. Need some tips on managing your money better? Check out the app’s My Tips and Tricks to gain insights into practical ways of spending and saving money in the right direction.

Your All-In-One Best Budget App

Whenever you’re about to shop, we recommend you keep a regular check on your My EasyFi app to keep track of your financial success. We let you manage your finances in a way that is easier than you’ve ever imagined.

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