If you could time travel 50 years back, the idea of earning from smartphones would never have touched the minds of those dwelling then. While you don’t have to break rocks to make money, you can now earn with just a few clicks. You can now earn cash with earning apps that pay.

But how do you search for an earning app that earns you real money? A single search will reveal several options that you can check, but that would take too much time, won’t it? Better save your breath and energy because My EasyFi brings you the list of authentic money making apps that have benefited thousands worldwide.

So here’s the list of apps that make you money. Keep earning, and enjoy it!


1.      Wikibuy

Is Amazon giving you the best deal? Think you’ve got the best deal at hand? Let Wikibuy be the money medium to bring you the best deals from stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, eBay, etc. With the discounts offered, you save money and earn reward points as you keep using the app.

Once you install the Wikibuy extension on your pc, it will direct you to the store offering the same product, but at a lower price. You can also scan the barcode of different products using the phone app and see if the local retailers have got the best deals for you.


2.      Google Opinion Rewards

It’s legit, and you can earn money with this earning app. Google Opinion Rewards allows you to take surveys on several topics related to your personal opinion about a product to your last stay at a hotel. These short surveys are relatively simple, where payments are released as Google Play or PayPal credits.

Here, you also can link the app with your TV and the internet, so you earn as you browse or watch TV as usual.


3.      Money App

Like the opinions app above, Money App is one of the apps that pay you real money. Here you earn a reward by completing tasks, which include but are not limited to opinions, games, store display checks, watching videos, testing services, and free trial participation. Each job you take on pays different amounts, which is transferred to your PayPal account.

The apps give you credits that you earn after completing offers. The offers listed as hot provide high credit value, where payment into your PayPal account is processed within 48 hours.


4.      Foap

Did you know that you can earn money with photography making an app? That’s true. Foap is a legit app that pays for the photos and videos you upload. If a brand or company chooses to buy your content, you get 50% of the reward.

The best thing is, anyone can download the app and take photos with their smartphone or camera. If you aim to become a better photographer or even a videographer, you can join the community and earn better to buy latest photography equipment and gear.


5.      My EasyFi

My EasyFi is your perfect place to get your money and its relationship with your life together. It helps you build your budget, fix all the money tantrums, track your finances, pay your debts, and plan your future. So how can you earn cash with earning apps like My EasyFi?

It offers a simple affiliate marketing program which helps you get a 50% commission on referring every paid member. The best of all, the program comes in both free and paid versions if you’re engaging in earning side cash for the long-term.


6.      Public

The public is a social media investing app that allows investors to invest their money without spending any money. It also helps you build financial literacy with your friends. It offers fractional shares of several thousand companies, helping you create your investment portfolio.

You can earn ‘slices’ of shares valued up to $10 for referring your friends. As soon as any of your friends join, you make a stock. You can also share your private link to chat groups. The more friends you bring, the more shares you gain.


7.      Ipoll

iPoll is similar to Google Opinion Rewards as a tool to earn cash with earning apps, where you get paid for taking surveys about your shopping experience at a particular store, places you’ve visited, a specific product, or services you’ve recently used. By answering questions, you earn iPoll cash that converts to cash payouts or gift cards from popular stores.


8.      Rakuten

Ever wondered if you could ever get money back after shopping from your favorite brand? Rakuten, formerly Ebates, is the cashback app that gives you up to 40% cashback into your wallet.

The app has partnered with over 2500 stores ranging from lifestyle to technology and electronics to travel. Here, you get a $10 bonus for sign up after making purchases within 90 days of your membership. If you want to get paid electronically, we suggest you link your PayPal account with the app.


9.      Task Rabbit

Whether you’re good at shopping, home moving, minor home repairs, or like running errands while earning money simultaneously, Task Rabbit is your go-to set up to earn cash with earning apps! Decide your wages by hours and let your neighbors or people in your locality hire you for simple tasks.

For every task you do, you get cash and build trust in the community where you reside.


10.  Snapwire

Snapwire is like Foapp, but you can earn cash with this earning app in a different way. Snapwire works as a photographer’s heaven. You get a commission for every raw image that they accept. The more photos you submit, the better you can earn!

If you are a photography enthusiast, then it is your perfect option!


11.  Swagbucks

Less about earning money and more about saving it, Swagbucks mainly gives you a wide range of coupons and deals that you can avail of. Now you can save tons of money on products and services that you always wanted.

How do you get these coupons? By doing simple tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, and researching on the web.


12. Decluttr

As the name suggests, Decluttr helps you de-clutter. If you have a small pile of electronic items, DVs, music-related products, CDs, Vinyl, and old consoles lying around, then sell them at Decluttr. You will make a ton of money while creating space in your garage!

Decluttr is perfectly legit, and you will gain benefit from selling here!


13. Ibotta

Do you know that you can get actual cash for shopping? Ibotta will give you cash rebates and refunds if you use their offers and sale coupons for shopping. If you are an avid dollar store visitor, then these offers are perfect for you.

You should visit the website today to find out all the primary requirements, and you will be all set. It is super-easy to use!


14. Earny

If you feel like you could save more money by being responsible, Earny is here to help. You will download the app, and it will connect with your credit card. Now every purchase that you make will be reviewed by the app.

All of the best deals, lower prices, rebates, or filling of any claims that are possible on your purchase will be available to you. It is an excellent way to stay on top of your money-wasting habits.


15. Slide Joy

Want to make money while doing nothing? Rent out your lock screen to the Slide Joy! Slide Joy is the brand that will pay you money when you are renting your lock screen to their brand. You will get cool news updates, endless useful promotions, and exciting advertisements on your lock screen.

And then you will also be paid for the lock screen that you rent to them! It is super easy and works great!



The best way to earn passive income is by coming up with a compelling way to get money. It is a treasure trove of scams and hoodwinks that you need to avoid. Always make sure that you are working with reliable and high-quality websites.

The websites we listed in the log are well- known and easy to use for passive income. You will have an easy time earning money if we are using your niche. If you like photography, then you have an option in that niche.

If you want to earn through a passive and straightforward process, give your lock screen on rent! There may be many more ways to earn passively, but you have to make sure you are using high quality and reliable sources.

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