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Create money goals using My EasyFi to easily tackle your budget. Set unique financial goals, discover uncommon money wisdom, and get access to a complete range of financial solutions to help achieve your goals.

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Combining new strategies and custom software’s to

Help You Make The Most Of Your Finances

Track Your Money

Manage all your money activities, create saving goals, and do much more.

Stop Overspending

Close the chapter on overspending. Develop a personalized spending plan.

Earn With Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate to earn $50 commission on successful referral.

Spendproof Budget Builder

Get an accurate view of your finances and plan a smart budget.

Simply & Easily

Control Your Finances


Connect your bank accounts seamlessly.


The dashboard is where you manage everything in a clean, organized space.


Explore the exciting features that makes budgeting addictive.


Use your complete financial picture for long term planning.

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Managing money can be challenging, but never with My EasyFi. Breathe deep, relax, and let your personal finance manager take you towards financial freedom.

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When thinking about finances, My EasyFi is the one you can rely on. Why? Because we believe in spreading financial literacy and introducing satisfaction for a lifetime. Here, you get a 360° view of your finances, see all your accounts in one place, including your budget plans and debt acceleration strategies. Get to the core with our planning and analytical tools that are meant to help you solve your financial challenges once and for all. That’s why you should get started now!

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What My EasyFi Users Have To Say

Jeffery Goodwill

I like the concept of the app overall. I thought it’d be a struggle when I tried the demo account before purchasing the premium, but it turned out to be pretty easy for any user level. Each feature is simple, and I’ve been able to link all my accounts. The best thing is, you can manage and organize all of the things all in one place. Satisfactory so far.

Carmen Joseph

I’ve used several different finance planning and budgeting apps, but My EasyFi is, by far, the best thing I have come across. My main reason for using this app was to track my spending, and the app has educated me a lot about handling my finances. I haven’t used the app’s affiliate marketing feature, but I’m sure it will be as great as other features I’m using. Could be good for anyone who wants free cash on the side. Although I’ve used the app for about a month now, I’m seeing a difference in my spending habits, which is great!

Keith Lambert

Overall, I rate the app 7/10. The interface is amazing – hands down to it. If you haven’t used a financial app before, it could feel a bit difficult in the beginning. At the start, I experienced some glitches while syncing my accounts, but the support team was responsive enough to resolve the issues in the meantime. After that, you just have to keep updating your expenses and let the app guide you in managing your money. Whatever feature you’re using, you’d see a drastic improvement in that area.

Lisa Maroney

Not a big fan of using personal finance apps, but My EasyFi just vibes differently. I gave it a shot to track my budget for 3 months and now I’m used to it. I can easily access my income details for all my accounts without logging into individual bank sites. The Money Tracker and Budget Builder are quite helpful features and I really like receiving overspending alerts. The only thing that bothers me is the login issue, where I have to re-log my banking details every time I use the app. The rest is all good!

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